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I only dance the shuffle

May 25, 2014

I love bicycles.  I grow an unhealthy attachment to them.  I find myself caressing the smooth finish of their top tubes, intricately lubing each chain link with the precision normally reserved for neurosurgeons, and I consider it a success when I can hide the panic and hyperventilating that accompanies locking a bike up outside.  Now with all that said, I have no problem shuffling the bike stable when I feel it’s time.

In my last post before my hiatus, I bought a Tern Verge s11i folding bike.  It looked cool and rode awesome for a folding bike.  I ended up selling my smaller Dahon Curve D3 to make room (although, space requirements for a folder isn’t much).  I liked that bike too but it was just time to shuffle.  18 months later maintaining S-1*, I let the Tern go for a more compact Brompton.  I didn’t really have a good reason for swapping, it just felt like time.

My new (to me) Brompton

Gizmo, my new (to me) Brompton

My full size bike shuffle has been just as fluid. My Trek MTB was handed down to my little brother.  This freed up the space for a lighter, faster bike to compliment my heavier Bridgestone commuter.  I settled on a Soma ES.  The steel bike allowed for fenders, racks, and wide-ish tires (up to 32mm with fenders).  I had a few fun months zooming around until it became acquainted with a Camry – OUCH! When the dust settled, I was once again in the bike market.

I splurged on a Rivendell Sam Hillborne.  I had intended to hold off on this dream bike until I finished graduate school.  But, I reasoned that since I may not always be in such a bike friendly area, I might as well enjoy it to the fullest extent possible.  It’s heavy and slow but boy is that ride smooth!

Rivendel ASH

Sam on a chilly winter day

So there you have it.  I’m sitting comfortably with three bikes: the Sam, the Brompton (Gizmo), and my trusty Bridgestone (who’s been gathering too much dust in our building bike room, sorry buddy).  Do I still spend an ungodly amount of time looking for the next one, THE ONE?  Sure. But for right now, I’m content and fortunate to have such a well-rounded stable.

Now time for some riding.  But on which one?



*S-1: S = the number of bikes at which point your spouse will leave you therefore, you must always be at least one bike away from this number.

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  1. May 27, 2014 8:30 am

    First, a moment of silence for the Soma. Far better that it should be damaged than you but I wish the collision had not happened at all. That said, how fun to have gotten a Riv! In addition to being a sturdy commuter it will be great for loaded or partially self-supported touring. I’ve had some similar changing of the guard among my bikes. The one I think I’ll always keep is my first love, a custom build ANT mixte touring bike. Like your Sam, a heavier and slower bike. It totally does the job when hauling loaded panniers or tackling unstable terrain. I had a Bike Friday but never liked it’s clumsy fold. Sold it and got a Brompton. I love the ease and compactness of the fold. It’s a fun city bike. Still have it. Had and sold two bikes, one a vintage steel bike and one a less expensive newer bike that I used for my former multimodal commute. Now that’s a thing of the past and those bikes have moved on to new owners. My latest is my lovely and fast Soma Buena Vista, built to my specs. More nervous when heavily loaded but a fleet-wheeled companion for road rides & centuries. For us it’s not a case of S-1 since we both are into bikes but square feet of shed capacity which imposes limitations. Unless of course we decide to expand it….

    • May 27, 2014 5:04 pm

      Thanks Nancy. I agree sometimes that nostalgia and first love are enough to keep those bikes around (like your ANT and my bridgestone).

      Also, regarding the shed: EXPAND! EXPAND! EXPAND!

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