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Coffeeneuring: I would have but…

November 20, 2012

Outside at Big Bear

So yeh, I had every intention to complete this coffeeneuring challenge. I anticipated knocking out 7 weekend trips to coffee shops without too much trouble. I like coffee. I like bikes. Really, this wouldn’t be much of challenge at all. Bringing the Mrs. along, things started out great.

Then Hurricane Sandy came. But didn’t the weather not actually get bad until Monday night leaving the weekend free for coffeeneuring? Well sure, technically. I did have to freak out over how my dog would relieve herself if it rained for 2 straight days. And that took time.

Ok, no problem. I would just double up next week. The only issue was that on this Saturday, the wife had made reservations at a very nice restaurant for my belated birthday dinner. Wait, so that meant I couldn’t eat or drink anything in the morning? Yep. Moving on…

I can’t specifically recall what happened that Sunday. Something having to do with a food coma, I assume.

The next weekend I was stuck at a FedEx copy center in Adams Morgan. And everyone knows that neighborhood is a coffee desert. I mean besides Tryst, Crumbs & Coffee, The Diner, L’Enfant Cafe, Locolat, Adams Morgan Coffee Shop, Pleasant Pops Farmhouse Market & Cafe, Starbucks, and 90 Min Cafe, where is one expected to get coffee here? I know, there’s nothing!

Animal crackers at Tryst

And that’s it. We lost. I think what really held us back was our coffee addiction. See, before our day officially starts we NEED coffee. This means that I had to have coffee before I could leave my house to get coffee. And if I already had coffee why would I need to get coffee? Well, we’ll have one year to figure this one out.  Next time this coffeneuring challenge will be all ours!


The short list:

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  1. November 20, 2012 4:16 pm

    Ha! Great writeup. It’s funny how I really did have to focus on the goal to get it done when it seems like I’d hardly have to try at all.
    The answer to the morning coffee dilemma: Man/woman up and double your intake. Just because others may suffer the brunt of your insane caffeine buzz, that’s no excuse.


  1. Coffeeneur Challenge: Winners and Honorable Mentions! | chasing mailboxes d.c.
  2. Coffeeneuring Challenge: Winners and Honorable Mentions! | chasing mailboxes d.c.

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