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#30daysofbiking: Day 28

April 28, 2012

Today was Maryland Day.  In its fourteenth year, this free event includes tours, exhibits and demonstrations. The university is broken up into six specific areas: Ag Day Avenue, Arts Alley, Biz and Society Hill, Science and Tech Way, Sports and Rec Row and Terp Town Center. I split my time between the USDA-Beltsville booth talking about ticks, bedbugs, and stink bugs and at the Insect Petting Zoo.

For half my audience, I was reminded of these lines from Lewis Carrol’s Through the Looking Glass:

“What sort of insects do you rejoice in where you come from?” the Gnat inquired.

“I don’t rejoice in insects at all,” Alice explained.

But not the other half.

These are the questions posed to me by the children, “what are those? how would I get them? what do they eat? how long do they live?”  This is what the parents say when they spot the contents of a jar, “Ewwww!!!”  Why have we been educated to think that all insects are villainous, vile creatures full of germs and carriers of diseases?  Worst, today I saw that we are born ready to unravel the world around us but at some point most of us lose that.

It shouldn’t be like this.  We need to hang on to that insatiable curiosity about life. The imagination must soar, devilish ingenuity expressed, and the patience to learn what you never have before must exist.  Do not outgrow your inner scientist.

Next time, before your natural instinct to swat that fly takes hold, stop to think where its been and what its accomplished.  When was the last time you flew under your own capacity or landed and adhered to the ceiling?  Did you ever stop to think that there are over 120,000 described fly species sharing their world with us?

Unravel Life!

Distance: 17.2

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  1. April 28, 2012 10:48 pm

    You should send this to the Washington Post as a ” Editorial ” with the pictures. It is interesting and quite philosophical. Spoken like a true teacher.

  2. April 29, 2012 6:26 pm

    Great post – it’s so important to remain curious about the world around us! 🙂


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