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#30daysofbiking: Day 27

April 27, 2012

Still recovering from last night and not trusting myself to make quick, smart decisions, I left the house bike-less (I would make it up by biking to school tomorrow for Maryland Day).  However, by afternoon I was refreshed and wanted to get back on the bike to enjoy a little bit of this gorgeous Friday.  Lucky for me I now have bikeshare.  At the Petworth metro stop, I left the stuffy train to seek out a bike station.

Getting off the train one stop earlier during peak hours saved me 20 cents.  This 20 cents happens to also be the cost per day for an annual bikeshare membership – coincidence?  If I sandwiched my trips with this method I could save 40 cents a day and get a 100% return on my investment by the end of the year!

I breezed the rest of the way to my Lamont Park docking station a block from my house.  Here I had to explain to an out-of-town couple that they would need to insert their credit card into the kiosk to get a new ticket for another bike.  Good thing they asked me – I’m kind of an expert on this sort of thing.

Distance: 1.1 miles

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