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#30daysofbikng: Day 25

April 25, 2012

The DC civility streak ends at 2. It  took only two days for more bike-discriminating behavior to be directed my way. Today’s incident occurred as I was leaving the University of Maryland in Prince George’s (the same county who just today approved legislation that would make new development friendlier to pedestrians and cyclists while making residents less reliant on cars). While waiting at the light on University Blvd and Aledphi Road, I heard this from behind me, “Bike laneeeee…..Sidewalllkkkkk…..”

I glanced around to see frat boy and goofy buddy staring back in a green SUV. I pointed across the street to the sign I passed everyday, a blue “Share the Road” sign with a picture of a bicycle. To which he responded, “bikes belong on the sidewalk.” I shrugged while saying, “not under Maryland law.”  To which he responded by turning his radio louder. Clearly, I was dealing with a masturbator master debater.

The light turned, I pedaled, he drove. Goofy buddy leaned out the window to yell “FFFFfffffff….”. You may think this remark was rendered incomprehensible by the Doppler effect but I think that’s all this simian could muster (good job little guy, keep trying). I countered with a smile and a peace sign. Really. I’ve been giving that whole enlightened cyclist mentality a test ride. I’ll let you know how it turns out. I was pleasantly surprised that when he did pass in the other lane, he did so at a reasonable speed without revving his engine or laying on the horn (my standards for driver etiquette have really diminished).


The enlightened cyclist rides a long board to work, dude.

Distance: 17.2 miles

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  1. Nancy L. Seibel permalink
    April 26, 2012 9:24 pm

    You handled that master debater in fine fashion

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