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#30daysofbiking: Day 19

April 19, 2012

Today’s bike events in three acts:

Act I.  Waited for train.  If I wore a badge that said “blogger” would people still look at me weird for taking pictures of my bicycles at random places?

Act II.  Got BikeLink Card.  Excited.  This will allow me access to WMATA’s new secured bike garage at the College Park Metro.  I don’t plan on using it daily but to have the option of a shorter modified trip is something I will take full advantage of.  I’ll post more about this one when I try it out.

Act III.  Thought of unofficial Bikeshare Challenge.  The wife is hosting her book club this weekend so I’ve scrambled to find something to keep me busy and out of the house for the day.  On Saturday (Sunday’s weather looks awful), I plan to use Capital Bikeshare and dock at as many stations as possible (The point?  Well, there really isn’t any, so like whatever, dude).  I do plan on taking it easy and stopping at a lot of new places I see along the way.  Anyone else interested?

Distance: 4.2 miles

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