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#30daysofbiking: Day 15

April 15, 2012

Great riding today!  One of my favorite bike shops, Bicycle Space held their weekly City Explorer ride which travels to less known areas of DC but gems nonetheless.  Today’s ride was to a place I’ve only heard rumored to exist, the only legal non-pavement forest trail in DC, the Fort Circle Trail.  The trail had recently been refurbished by the NPS and it was ready for some fun riding.

There were four of us on the ride (the 5th rider tore his tire on the way to the river) with bikes ranging from a full-suspension mountain bike to an old Schwinn Traveler with slicks.  I was told that someone did the trail on a Capital Bikeshare before.  The trails were hilly and challenging for my novice ability but not impossible.  The gravel sprayed across parts of the trail was our biggest concern and danger.  Fort Circle is definitely one of the best secrets to the city – other than us, we only saw two people walking the trail.

On the way back, Eric offered to treat us to pizza.  Unfortunately the pizza place didn’t accept credit card…or have pizza this day…and I think Prop Joe was tinkering with a clock in the corner…so yeh.  It was ok though, because I had another destination to reach before my day was through.  After thanking Eric for guiding us, I headed down to H Street for Girl on a Bike’s Charity Bike Wash.  I made sure to hit the one puddle I encountered on the trail extra hard so as not to make it too easy for them.  They did a terrific job and I’ve never seen my cogs that shiny!  It was a shame to get it dirty by having to ride it home.


Distance: 36.25 miles

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  1. April 21, 2012 8:46 pm

    I did Fort Circle on bikeshare to see if it could be done. I survived 95% of the trail. Definitely need to be a strong rider since the bike is so heavy.

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