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#30daysofbiking: Day 8

April 8, 2012

Zombie. Perhaps it was the 118.49 miles I rode last week, the late (for me) night enjoying the amazing Southwest Waterfront Fireworks or maybe it was just the holiday spirit. Whatever the reason, I did not want to move from my couch today. However, obligations needed to be met – both to my 30 days of biking commitment and the cat, who ran out of food this morning.

Little bike, big bag

Since I would be in the area, the wife asked to pick her up some sunscreen at BB&B. “Take the bottle with you,” she instructed. “No, I’ll remember it: Neutrogena, sunblock, 55.” She repeated, “Take the bottle.” Incredible, do you know how many products match that description? She wasn’t kidding.

Although that part of my trip was a success, I didn’t have as much luck at the Columbia Heights Soviet Commissary Target. Closed. The frustrated guy behind me chimed in “I thought this was America!” Indeed, Sir. And that’s why I zipped over to the Giant a half block away. The cat eats tonight!

Distance: Just 1.1 miles
Dahon remarks: 2

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