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Houndabout Pet Trailer

March 28, 2012

My day started with this question, “Hey Raven, how would you like to go to the park today?” To which she responded:


Having a small dog in a carfree family, a question like this couldn’t have been asked prior to getting our new dog trailer. However, now her exploration is no longer confined to the 1-mile radius of our home. The world is her oyster – or wherever I’m willing to pedal her.

For a while now, I’ve been researching adding some type of cargo transporter to my bike. Panniers are great but are unable to accommodate oversized purchases (like bags of mulch for my non-existent yard). Among others I debated between the city-smart Burley Travoy and a BOB Yak trailer capable of carrying serious touring loads. Unlike the rest, a Houndabout dog trailer could serve a dual purpose and that sold me (those sad puppy eyes helped though).

Unlike children trailers, the houndabout has a flat, hard canvas floor. There’s a plastic cushion and short leash to safely hold eager dogs. The 16-inch pneumatic tires should hold up well on rougher trails. Set-up wasn’t too difficult and I was happy the attachment bracket fit the bike’s rear axle without interfering with my rack. With that done, we were ready to explore! Actually, it rained for the better part of the weekend, so I held off until Monday. But then, we were ready to explore!

After some entering and egress practice, Raven was ready for a quick ride around the block. Face out in the wind, she seemed to enjoy it. The next challenge was a more extended trip to Pierce Mill along Rock Creek Trail. Currently, the trail isn’t the widest or flattest so if she could tolerate this than she could manage anywhere.

Happy Dog

Although a few times she appeared to be making a break for it, it’s more likely that she was just trying to get a better view. In fact the only “problem” I encountered was after we returned home. I positioned the trailer back into the corner of the living room. Our cat then made an appearance. Giving me that look of disgust that only cats can, he returned to his rightful place back in his trailer.

"The nerve of you people"

Trying to hold your camera phone steady while reaching behind you on a bike riding on a curvy trail is tricky…

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  1. Rich permalink
    March 28, 2012 7:39 pm

    What a ride!

  2. April 9, 2012 12:35 pm

    That’s adorable! I saw someone biking with a large dog on a leash the other day, which seemed like a terrible idea unless your dog is the calmest in the world, but this seems like a great solution for smaller puppies.


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