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DIY Handlebar Bag

March 20, 2012

What’s the point of learning the contours of a country if you can’t take a photo to show off later? After missing some gorgeous blooming trees (and a crazy bike-chasing schnauzer), I came to the conclusion that I needed quick access to my camera. Not looking to spend too much, I came across this idea of a repurposed pencil bag at The wheels set into motion, my next project had begun.

The first thing I realized is that pencil cases are hard to find. Are pencil cases not cool anymore for little kids or something? I ended up finding an Igloo lunch cooler at Target that was slightly larger than what I had originally intended, but it would work.

Next up was figuring how to mount it to my bike. I dug through my clutter of old bike parts and accessories hoping to find something. I settled on an unused part from my Topeak rack (I think it’s to add a tail light) and two 1/2 inch clamps from another rack. I would then use two pieces of velcro to attach it to the handlebars.

Parts Bin

Perfect! Some do-hickies and a thing-a-ma-bob.

Picking up a couple of bolts, washers, and nuts at Old School Hardware, I was ready to see if my plan would work.


Prior to drilling, I decided the bag needed a little more rigidity to it. I made a “U” out of a corrugated plastic election sign (someone had already thrown it out). Then I cut and attached strips to ensure the shape held.

No endorsement of candidates (except not Orange).

Drilled. Afterwards, I was a little worried the exposed bolts would scratch my camera so I stuck old rubber bar end caps over them.


I finished off the bag by adding some reflective tape. Now all ready to snap some photos of crazy shnauzers. Total cost: $10.60.

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