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Vasa 2012: Stories and Links

March 12, 2012
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(c)Washington Area Bicycle Alliance

The DC Vasa ride was over a week ago but I still talk about it to anyone who will listen or can’t escape (that’s why I rode the metro so much last week). My absolute favorite part of the event (even more than cycling 60 miles) was meeting people and hearing their stories. Therefore, it should really be no surprise that I spent a chunk of my free time last week reading Vasa ride experiences from this same group of people. Here are some of my favorites:

Ridge organizers, WABA recapped the 2012 Vasa Ride by creating a brand new word: Vawesome. They also have a flickr slide show that is truly vawesome.

Rootchooper of A Few Spokes Shy of a Wheel decided to only tackle the half course, the Halvvasa, this year. Despite this, he made some great observations along the way and saw pretty much the same things I remember (like the vultures!).

A Girl and Her Bike continued to break in her new VO, Kermit the Hulk (I still can’t get over those pink handlebars). I rode in the same general group with her until she missed a turn on the CCT. Oops, but at least she got soup.

Jason’s Blog writes about the shock of Brandywine Hill and the difficultly overcoming it. I would’ve liked some heads up on my cue sheet too!

Over at Suze, Cycling, she made an 8-hour trek to attend Vasa this year. Like A Girl on Her Bike and a bunch of overs, she missed the CCT turn too. I also remember her in my group talking about going to Glen Echo Amusement Park (aka my Zombie apocalypse last stand) when she was young. Cool!

And finally, Steve at There and Back Again, compares this year’s ride to last years (I’m glad I picked this year). He also talks about the advantages of pace-lines and the disadvantages of storing your cue sheet between your molars.

If I missed anyone let me know, I would love to read your take on this ride. Until next year!

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  1. suzecycling permalink
    April 6, 2012 8:47 am

    Thanks for the list … I’ll take a look at the ones new to me. Happy pedalling in your beautifil city!

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