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‘Taking Care of Business’ Utilitaire: #9

March 3, 2012

#9. Bike to any store that is not a grocery store, Round-trip Mileage: 2.0 Miles, March 2, 2012

It’s not the most exciting punch on my control card. In fact, the most exciting thing was that it was my first utilitaire in March. However, it was definitely a utility run. Every couple of weeks, I am required to stop at CVS and buy supplies for a post-speaker luncheon our department holds. Why did they decide to give this job to the guy without a car? I’m not sure. I think they may be pissed because my commute is so much better than theirs. Regardless, I make sure to own it. “Yeh, my bike is loaded with Pepsi, chips, cookies, and everything else necessary to keep a group of 5-year-olds on a 36-hour nonstop sugar high. So what? No big thing.”

Why a lady asked me if she needed to pay the meter, I'll never know.

A well stocked cabinet keeps "the man" off my back

On a side, Sunday is the DC Vasa ride. I’ll be doing the 59-miler with my blue Bridgestone. Hope to see you all there (PS: if I appear antisocial it’s because I’m just in “the zone” so don’t let that stop you from saying hi).

The complete Utilitaire 12 series can be found here.

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