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Utilitaire 12: #8

March 2, 2012

#8. Bike to the Movies, Round-trip Mileage: 7.5 Miles, February 25, 2012

It’s not that I don’t like showing her the love she deserves, it’s just that I hate having to do it because a company’s business model depends on it. I hate the idea of buying a single limp rose for 500% mark-up. I hate having to make reservations months in advance only to be treated with a bland prix fixe menu. But, I do love my wife and want to show her I appreciate her – just not on a day everyone else does. So we agreed that this day will be forever celebrated one week after corporate Valentine’s day (actually, I agreed to this, she said a single limp rose at 500% mark-up was sufficient if presented on February 14).

The following Tuesday, she was out of town on business. So all festivities would have to wait until the weekend. She was out shopping most of the day which gave me time to prep for the date. My first stop was down to Regal 14 at Gallery Place. I took an alternate route and went south on 9th Street. So are these “bike/bus only lanes” ever taken seriously? I guess Georgetown was playing Villanova at the Verizon Center today – so tons of blue and gray. If it’s not Orange, I don’t care. I parked the bike and weaved my way the the scalpers and loitering drunkards fans to the theater, and purchased tickets for Wanderlust (it was really good but I’m a State and Stella fanboy so take it for what’s it’s worth).

From there, I zipped up to Adams Morgan to stop at the florist. My hunch was correct. I walked away with a beautiful boutique of exotic flowers for less than what a dozen roses would have cost 10 days earlier. Now how to get them home in one piece? Although, I love my Topeak trunk bag, the panniers just weren’t deep enough for the long-stemmed flowers. Additionally, the wind had taken vengeance on the good people of DC and I was afraid any attempt to ride would send the flowers flying away. Just to be safe, I walked the bike the 1/2 mile home.

Nice Flowers, Poor Planning

After the movie, we had a delicious dinner at Jaleo. After tonight, the restaurant was going to close to undergo a complete renovation. Glad we didn’t miss out. We also spotted José Andrés himself busily working his way through the crowd. He seemed to be primarily preoccupied with one table of VIPs in particular. Guess he didn’t realize I was dining there. Our celebrity sighting was a nice way to top off a terrific post-V day date.


The complete Utilitaire 12 series can be found here.

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