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Utilitaire 12: #4

February 15, 2012

#4. Bike to Bike Shop, Round-trip Mileage: 6.01 Miles, February 11, 2012

Well this is what happens when I procrastinate and schedule my second Utilitaire of the week on the last day – a high of 32 degrees F and windy (a far cry from the high of 72 just ten days earlier!).  Lucky for me, I had planned to head to DC’s most my favoritest bike shop, BicycleSPACE.  If I had planned something less exciting such as grocery shopping or hair cut (more on that later), I would been less inclined to budge from the warmth of my couch.

So with a final check of the weather (yep, still below freezing), I armored up leaving only a small swath of exposed skin.  Half cyclist-half ninja (aka: neon-ja), I set out on the 3-mile trip to BicycleSPACE.

Neon-ja Chop

Traffic was light and most churchgoers managed to stay out of bike lanes this time.  Despite a light snow the previous day , the salt covered roads were relatively clear and dry.  Once arriving, I had nothing in particular to buy so I just window shopped for a bit, imagining how many bikes could fit into my living room (I would need to utilize vertical space of course).  By the time I was ready to head home, it hadn’t warmed up at all.  The ride was short enough and I was layered adequately that it didn’t bother me much (winter warrior, I am not though).

An additional accomplishment to this Utilitaire, was my first successful ride on my restored Bridgestone.  It may have not been the Nürburgring proving grounds, but the bike shifted and braked smoothly enough and without problems that I’m confident the Bridgestone will have no problems for my first real ride in a couple of weeks.

The complete Utilitaire 12 series can be found here.

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  1. Rich permalink
    February 15, 2012 9:06 pm

    Brrrrrrrrr….but with style….

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