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United States of Litterbugs

January 16, 2012

Putting trash into garbage cans requires a college degree

Cruising down 16th Street adjacent to Meridian Hill Park, the 16 inch wheels spinning fast to keep up with my momentum, when out of now where – Bogey 12 o’clock! I immediately initiated evasive maneuvers. Too late, not enough time. The shards of broken beer bottle rattled in between by fender and tire. Please, please, let that gushing sound of air be from the car next to me. Not this time. Three punctures total.

Sure, I may have been tempting fate by not carrying a patch kit and my morning plans to meet up with family may have bee ruined. But, I was just given the opportunity to show off my expert bike repair skills. Those countless hours of YouTube how-to videos have not been watched in vain. So, United States of Litterbugs, I want to give you a sincere “Thank You” for your inability to put your trash where it belongs.

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