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Merry Cycling Cap Tuesday

December 27, 2011

Ah yes, it’s that special time of year again sandwiched in between Christmas and New Year’s. No, not Boxing Day. It’s Cycling Cap Tuesday. Cycling Cap Tuesday is so amazing that it is celebrated 52 times a year. The traditions are ancestral but varied. Today, the day is marked by boys and girls, men and women posting photos of themselves wearing cycling caps on twitter. Correct me if I’m wrong, but that’s it. I believe this day used to be called Cycling Cap Saturday but it was unfair to those headed to shul who had to decide between their cycling caps and kippahs (not to mention the confusion caused by those wanting to get in a weekend ride). Since Judiasm had seniority it got to stay.

While shopping for new break pads, I found myself in the cap section (aka: the clearance bin on top of rain jackets) of a LBS. I eventually settled on a blue Park Tool cap. This decision was very overwhelming and required hours of careful analysis. Below is what was considered before this purchase was made.

My first question: Is this going to be practical? What the hell is the purpose of a cycling cap anyways? Ok, it has a small visor to block the sun. But so does my helmet. It can keep the elements off my skull. But so does my hair. And I was doubtful, the cotton fabric would carry any real water repellent value. About to walk away from this whole idea, I remembered Kevin Costner in American Flyer and the old leather strip helmets. What if that style became popular again? Then this cap would be very pratical and I would have missed the opportuntity to buy the cap at such a low price. Furthermore, if I ever became a fry cook, this is so much better than a hairnet. Is it practical? Yes.

Second Question: Will it keep me warm during my winter riding days? They do make wool caps with ear flaps. However, since I was in Florida, where December temperatures hovered around 80, the shop did not carry these types. But then again, if I reworded the question slightly to: will it make me any colder when riding in the winter? then the answer is further reason to purchase.

I figure the girls will go crazy...or not.

Third Question: Am I just caving to peer pressure by buying a cap? It turns out this is a trick question. You see it came down to being original by fitting in with the crowd (you know what I’m talking about fixie hipsters). Make sense? It did to me in the heat of the moment. Time to buy.

But which one? Fit aside, how do people actually pick out one of these? The shop had plain white ones – but those were boring. Some caps had races printed on them and others had brand logos. Did I really want to go around looking like a NASCAR car (does the -CAR in NASCAR mean ‘car’? Was I being redundant)? Sheepishly, I must admit, that the decision was the same as when I bought my first bike. I liked the color.


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