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Rainy Day Doodles

December 22, 2011

I don’t mind commuting in the rain. I learned a while back not to even look at the weather forecast before I leave in the morning. I’m going to brave the weather to get to work anyways. However, crummy weather does have the power to prevent me from taking destination-less romps around the neighborhood. Instead, I’m left to daydream and doodle.

Here’s a page in my notebook (thats supposed to dedicated for lab notes only). Lets break it down:


Fig. A: Me in the rain. It might also be a mini-meteor shower which makes riding slightly less acceptable.

Fig. B: Angry motorist. Acceptable (or at least understandable): consider the beltway traffic he has to deal with twice daily. Unacceptable: I think that’s Santa driving. Jolly? I don’t think so.

Fig. C: Bike with bullhorns. Not a fixie, shifter cables must have just fallen off.

Fig. D: My cat. Poor guy had to get 5 teeth pulled the other day. No more eclairs for him.

Fig. E: Cartoon Vampire. Leftover from Halloween along with reject candy?

Fig. F: Bug positioning his ovipositor on my bike tire. Note: I was kicked out of mail-degree art school because I couldn’t draw a circle. No worries, now I’m working on my healthcaremanagmentdegree and learning how to make sweet info-graphics.

Fig. G: Reindeer in a bobsled. Feel the rhythm.

Fig. H: Actual lab data? No, just my diminishing blog readership.

Fig. I: Real blog readership. Page views too low to calculate trend line. Note day with arrows, I got bored and hit refresh 500 times to bring my page views up.

Fig. Ja: Candy cane (not for cat).

Fig. Jb: Candy cane menorah. Confused or just delicious?

Fig. K: UFO driven by Marion Barry (ship was later found illegally parked in the bike line on Pennsylvania Ave).

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