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The Path Not Taken

December 21, 2011
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For those hoping to find the next installment of Fairy Tale Ride, it’s not here yet. I’ve decided to build the suspense while allowing you time to digest the exciting turn of events. Additionally, I had a little bit of writer’s block today. You won’t be disappointed in how this series wraps up.

The other day I took a ride on down to the C&O Canal, which both qualified as research for my story and procrastination from my final holiday obligations.

On the C&O Canal

What amazes me about DC is the ease to escape it. Sure, if you have a car, it only takes three hours to reach the Shenandoah Mountains. But even without a car, retreating from the urban jungle is remarkably simple – if you know how to get there. Before I go further, I want to make it clear that I realize that most of what I see is only an illusion. I know there is a major highway nearby and a neighborhood lays just beyond the tree line. Yet, it’s remarkable how quickly nature returns allowing your soul to breathe again (John Muir reference).

The C&O Canal is one of my escape routes. Picking up the trailhead in Georgetown, you’re sandwiched between buildings (hardly back to nature). But soon enough the dirt trail widens, runners thin out, and it’s just you, the canal, and the sounds of the Potomac off to your left (Canal Road doesn’t exist in my fantasy). For the first few miles, the bumpy, pothole-lined towpath parallels that of the perfectly paved Capital Crescent Trail. The CCT will soon drift left towards Bethesda and the rest of the congested Montgomery County suburbs. The C&O continues into the sticks.

CCT (left) and the C&O Canal (right)

Robert Frost’s The Road Not Taken shouldn’t be taken literally. I know that. Yet, here I was with this visual display laid out in front of me. Would the road less traveled really make all the difference? Should I be an individual, a non-conformist? When these two road diverge, should I continue on the less traveled C&O or hop over to the CCT heading towards civilization. Would this be the defining moment of my life!?

Lucky for me, it was getting late. I turned around leaving that decision for another day.

Resting along the Potomac. Like my bike button? Buy your own (click image), proceeds go to WABA. Sale ends 12/31/11. Hurry!

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  1. December 21, 2011 8:45 am

    The C&O, every time. 🙂

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