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Not lost, just exploring

December 13, 2011
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I’ve spent hours analyzing google maps and found again and again which route to work is the shortest (In the past I’ve even attempted some of these alternatives and have never arrived in under 8.5 miles). As I mentioned yesterday, I’m part of that lonely group of cyclist that do the reverse commute. And perhaps it’s this isolation that makes me do idiotic silly things like decide on the spot I’m going to try a new route to work today. At first, it wasn’t actually that impulsive. I had planned on taking a slightly different route only to Sherman Circle but missed the left turn (note: 7th Street has other names). By the time I realized this, I already reached the hospital and since I’m totally adverse to back tracking I pressed on.

I weaved in and out of neighborhood streets, passing Catholic U and making it to the other side of other tracks (MD side). It was here something incredible happened. Like a found checkpoint during an adventure race letting me know I was on the right path, I passed my friend Ana as she was headed to the Smithsonian. Later after more meandering (not lost just taking the scenic route) I passed her husband Marco. Checkpoint two reached! All good so far. Then he gave me directions (I didn’t ask, up to this point I was hoping my orientation was true), and it was all downhill (not literally) from there.

After a white knuckle ride along shoulder-less Queens Chapel Rd (the part father away from the DC border has a cushy bike line) I bailed and took out my phone to find the safest way to the trail head. Rest of my commute was the same – safe, boring, and familiar.

It wasn’t a failure. When explorers unexpectedly slammed into a new continent was that a failure? Well, I guess it depends on whose point of view you take. At least my exploration was a lot less controversial and no one died. In your face Columbus!



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